Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glass Tiles

These tiles are individually poured and pressed by hand.

Glass Room

fabulous range gives you all the advantages & luxury of a traditional conservatory whilst allowing you to retain all the convenience and freedom of a glass veranda.

Glass Paper Waight

original and colourful, this luxury glass keepsake is the perfect gift for any occasion where you want your mum to know exactly how you feel.

Glass Igloo

The igloo's are fully equipped with kitchenettes, bathrooms and most importantly the motorized rotating bed that allows you to follow the night sky.

The glass is fully heated so condensation and draft are not a problem providing perfect views of the fells and horizon by day and the northern lights by night.

Special features such as the spacious living area with jaw dropping views and northern lights and constellations on the ceiling at night is not all this fabulous cottage has to offer.

Cut Glass Speakers

Most speakers, no matter how expensive, are usually pretty ugly in my opinion and although these glass ones from Harman Kardon aren't exactly beautiful (I think they look like something out of an alien spacecraft) they certainly score points for being different and having a design that sets them apart from the herd. It's also fun to note that the cut glass exterior not only serves an aesthetic purpose but it also helps improve sound quality by reducing movement and vibration.

Glass Doors

Luxury glass doors allow the outside into your home, blurring the lines between in and out. Crystal clear glass allows for stunning views, and the curved shape of the doors means even more of the great outdoors is visible from the comfort of your home.

Gold Leaf Inlay on glass

Another luxury glass product available is gold leaf inlay on glass for those who love a more traditional and sophisticated look for their interiors.

Roman Luxury Glass / Cage Cup

With the Roman discovery of glassblowing, and the dissemination of the technology, ordinary people could own inexpensive glass objects. The wealthy could afford rare and costly glass objects that were crafted over long periods of time by skilled artisans. Two kinds of Roman luxury glass that are particularly notable are the small number of cage and cameo glass vessels that have survived. Roman cage cups have been known for more than 300 years. The first recorded discovery of one was in 1680 in northern Italy.

Glass Jewellery

The glass jewellery is made using simple techniques - the glass is heated and shaped, polished and covered with metal oxides and finally, heated in the kiln again. Every single item is handmade, separately cut with a knife, nothing is done mechanically.

The jewellery ranges from very simple to most intricate. It is delicate but not fragile. We have dozens of designs for all occasions which come in a multitude of colours.

Glass Soap Dish Holder

■ Brand:
■ Style:
Taurus series
■ Condition:
■ Finish:
■ Materials:
Copper + Glass
■ Features:
No Plumbum (conform with USA standard) & environment-friendly

Glass Counter Tops For Kitchen

Glass countertops have an amazing luxury appeal that is very distinct from common materials, such as granite or engineered stone. Since glass is the least porous material, glass countertops are the most hygienic countertops on the market.

As with any countertop material, glass can scratch, but the texture underneath masks common wear and allows scratches to go unnoticed.

Wasauna’s See-through Whirlpool Glass Bathtub

Whoa! It looks so classy. The Whirlpool Glass bathtub from the house of Wasauna looks to be the perfect thing to go with most of the modern bathroom designs. Like the sexy Hoesch Water Lounge, the Glass Bath enjoys a sexy make with both sides transparent. Touting sixteen jets and seating capacity for two persons, it offers a distinctive experience, from a meditative, restorative soak to the stimulating rush of waterfalls and whitewater. The tub is made of high quality Pilkington glass and stainless steel.

Bow Ended Glass Tank

Bow Ended Glass tank The bow eneded glass tank / aquarium offers a high quality full bow ended glass tank, which is ideal for for use as a room divider or to break up space in an office, waiting room. The thick high quality glass creates an all round visual experience and will create a focus point to any room or space.

Matching Cabinet As with almost all our Aquariums we include a cabinet, finished to match the colours of your tanks hood and base. The cabinet is strong and sturdy and will help create a main feature of any room. The cabinet comes flat packed and is easy to assemble.

Glass LCD TV Stand

Stylish all-in-one home theatre stand with mounted bracket that compliments any 32" - 42" LCD Plasma TV.
With 8mm toughened glass construction for optimum weight support. In addition features an integrated cable management system to accommodate all your Audio Visual Equipment and the mounting bracket that allows perfect positioning for optimal viewing heights.


  • Brushed aluminium support
  • 3 tiers toughened glass shelves (tempered to BS6206/A)
  • Cable management system
  • Clear Glass


  • Supported Weight 60kg
  • Dimensions 900 x 425 x 1210mm
  • Weight 30kg

Weck Glass Block Wall

Beautiful, Sculpted Bases for Luxurious Walk-In Weck Glass Block Showers

Your customers will walk into luxurious privacy, surrounded by high-quality easily maintained Weck Glass Block, mounted on a secure acrylic base with non-slip surface.

Glass Faucets

Not only is this faucet beautiful but it also appeals to the whimsical child inside of me that still secretly gets a kick out of using silly straws. Bright vibrant color combines with the natural beauty of glass for a unique visual impact.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Luxury Wine Glass

The Petit Coeur (meaning Little Heart) drinking glass is the latest creation of Etienne Menueau, a French designer who brought us a series of unusually-shaped carafes.

This work of art is an abstract reinterpretation of the human heart, complete with its atriums, ventricles, and an aorta for a spout.The unique drinking glass is 20 cm tall, and made of borosilicate glass. only 12 (eight numbered and signed and four artist proofs)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Glass Fire Place

The Glass Fireplace is a custom-made, contemporary design and each unique piece, whether tinted or natural, will guarantee attention with its eye-catching aesthetics.

Glass Basins

The household arena is happening with glass accessories. Glass reflects sophistication, dazzle and glamour. And our basic necessity, Basins when carved out from glass flaunts our penchant for life and creativity. Glass basins either in minimalist design or highly sculpturous, one thing is guaranteed that it accounts for charisma. Enhancing the glamour quotient of the space, glass basins prove to be unique and enhance the over all demeanour.
Easy to avail and much easy to clean, glass basins are a head turner and arrests the visitor in first sight. Glass available in different colours can be matched with the background space or in contrast with it to create the picturesque view. Tenacious and durable glass material ensures the sturdiness of the basin. Also incredible shapes of the basins form a never seen before and classy look of the place. The only flip side is of being extra conscious in order to safeguard it from unwelcome accidents. Couple it with a captivating mirror and the whole space would be picture perfect.


The glass panels are actually corrugated with embedded chicken wire, reclaimed from industrial buildings and manufacturing plants. No longer manufactured, we’re the only remaining source of this glass, as far as we know. It’s also been used successfully in canopies as well as vertical walls and room dividers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Venetian Art Glass Red Wine Aerator

Dramatic Red Wine Aerator -- a devise for exposing wine to the air, allowing it to "breathe," and a fascinating way of pouring the wine through any one of the three side spouts. As long as you don't fill the container over about half-full, the spouts do not compete when pouring. Another function of this unusual serving vessel is for use in making, serving Wine Punch, or "punzone del vino" in Italian. Measures about 7.75" tall, 10.25" diameter base, 3.25" center opening rim diameter. Pale topaz with a hint of apricot coloring in the glass; sharp pontil mark. Excellent undamaged condition with very slight interior signs of use, and a couple of internal bubbles in the glass, original to manufacture.