Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glass Tiles

These tiles are individually poured and pressed by hand.

Glass Room

fabulous range gives you all the advantages & luxury of a traditional conservatory whilst allowing you to retain all the convenience and freedom of a glass veranda.

Glass Paper Waight

original and colourful, this luxury glass keepsake is the perfect gift for any occasion where you want your mum to know exactly how you feel.

Glass Igloo

The igloo's are fully equipped with kitchenettes, bathrooms and most importantly the motorized rotating bed that allows you to follow the night sky.

The glass is fully heated so condensation and draft are not a problem providing perfect views of the fells and horizon by day and the northern lights by night.

Special features such as the spacious living area with jaw dropping views and northern lights and constellations on the ceiling at night is not all this fabulous cottage has to offer.

Cut Glass Speakers

Most speakers, no matter how expensive, are usually pretty ugly in my opinion and although these glass ones from Harman Kardon aren't exactly beautiful (I think they look like something out of an alien spacecraft) they certainly score points for being different and having a design that sets them apart from the herd. It's also fun to note that the cut glass exterior not only serves an aesthetic purpose but it also helps improve sound quality by reducing movement and vibration.

Glass Doors

Luxury glass doors allow the outside into your home, blurring the lines between in and out. Crystal clear glass allows for stunning views, and the curved shape of the doors means even more of the great outdoors is visible from the comfort of your home.

Gold Leaf Inlay on glass

Another luxury glass product available is gold leaf inlay on glass for those who love a more traditional and sophisticated look for their interiors.